At Stagg Group we are proud of what we build:

Quality affordable housing for our community.


Founded in 1996, the Stagg Group has been providing quality, affordable homes and apartments, in the Bronx and Westchester County, for almost two decades.  Mark Stagg, founder and President, built his first home in 1998 and has never looked back.  In the first five years, Mr. Stagg had over 30 units. During the financial crisis, 2007-2009, Stagg Group added over 100 units. Since then, the Stagg Group has built over 2,500 affordable units.  Stagg Group currently has seven projects open; with two additional ones to be built in the near future. By year-end 2020 Stagg Group will have built 3,500 units. As the years progress, Stagg Group continues to utilize our fully integrated approach in all aspects of our company.

We seek diverse land opportunities that further build on growing communities and city planning. From two-family houses to 100+ unit apartment buildings, we maintain the highest standards and attention to detail with carefully planned construction, precise materials, and fine finishes. With high-quality brick construction, Stagg Group is creating built-to-last affordable housing for the future of New York. 

Stagg Group has two decades of ground-up construction experience. With our in-house construction arm, our general contracting abilities, and our strong relationships with our professionals, local sub-contractors and suppliers, we can ensure a finished product of the highest quality and standards, safely complete within budget, and on time.

At Stagg, we are committed to the communities we help build. Through development and construction, our hands-on approach allows us to not only enhance and expand existing neighborhoods, but participate in them as well. Our many give back programs include our Annual Toy Drives, Turkey Giveaways, and the opening of the Stagg Family Center.